**Effective 7/1/23 Carroll County Liquor Board will no longer permit Togo cocktail**

Siempre de fiesta


Bartender’s Choice

Lemon Lavander Mojito $6.00

Margarita Flavor of the Month 

Current - Spicy Mango with a Chili Salt Rim

On Deck - ​Dream House Margarita with Eddible Glitter

​Margarita Flight $14.00

(choose 3 of Our Flavored Margarita to Customize Your Flight)      (Dine in Only)

Frozen Peach Bellini (8 oz)  $5.50

Frozen Peach Bellini Pitcher (32 oz) $16.50

Classic Margarita (8 oz) $6.00             

Pitcher (32 oz) $19.75

Golden Margarita (8 oz) $6.99             

Golden Pitcher (32 oz) $21.00

(classic margarita with a float of Grand Marnier)

Flavored Margaritas (8 oz) $6.50       

Flavored Pitcher (32 oz) $21.00

(Blackberry, Jalapeno, Mango, Strawberry, Peach, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, Blueberry, Blood Orange, Cantaloupe)

Top Shelf Margarita (8 oz) $7.99        

Top Shelf Pitcher (32 oz) $25.50

(Made with any of our available top shelf tequila and a float Grand Marnier)

​**New** White Wine Sangria (8 oz) $6.50                           

White Wine Sangria Pitcher (32 oz) $18.00

New High Noon - $4.00

​Domestic Beer   $3.15    6pk $12.00( Togo Only)

( Bud, Bud light,  Miller Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, O'doul's NA,  Bush NA)

Loose Cannon IPA $4.00

Import Beer       $3.55    6pk $14.00 (Togo Only)

(Corona, Corona Light, Corona Premier, Dos XX, Sol, Pacifico, Negra Modelo,  Modelo Especial New Carta Blanca)

Mojito  $5.50 

​Blackberry Mojito $6.00